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Camping Ile de Noirmoutier ou Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Le Tropicana

Would you prefer a campsite on the Island of Noirmoutier or in Saint-Jean-de-Monts?

Are you hesitating between a campsite on the Island of Noirmoutier and a campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts? The Tropicana helps you choose!

When it comes to choosing the perfect destination for a camping holiday, the Vendée offers two rare gems that attract visitors in search of relaxation, adventure and nature every year: the island of Noirmoutier and Saint-Jean -de-Monts.

But how to choose between these two dream destinations?


Is it better to book a campsite on the Ile de Noirmoutier, or a campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts?


If you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place. Le Tropicana, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , tells you everything about campsites on the Island of Noirmoutier!

Let us guide you through the unique charms of each location.

A campsite on the Island of Noirmoutier: an escape on a charming island

The Island of Noirmoutier , nicknamed the island of mimosas for its mild climate which favors the flowering of these trees in winter, is a true haven of peace.


Connected to the mainland by a bridge and the famous Gois submersible road , this island offers a unique experience of disconnecting and getting closer to nature.


Lovers of maritime landscapes will be charmed by its fine sandy beaches, salt marshes and pine forests.


Camping on the island of Noirmoutier is the guarantee of a peaceful stay in a preserved setting , ideal for lovers of bike rides, water sports or simply for those who wish to recharge their batteries to the sound of the waves.


However, if you book a campsite on the Ile de Noirmoutier, prepare your budget: as the offers are quite limited, the prices can sometimes be quite high.


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Saint-Jean-de-Monts: conviviality in the heart of diverse nature

Saint-Jean-de-Monts, located on the continent, is a destination that combines dynamism and natural beauty.


With its 8 km of fine sandy beaches lined with dunes and its national forest, it is the perfect playground for a multitude of outdoor activities: hiking, golf, sand yachting, and of course, lazing in the sun .


Camping in Saint-Jean-de-Monts is the opportunity to experience a family vacation rich in discoveries and encounters.


For example, our campsite, Le Tropicana, is a perfect illustration of what Saint-Jean-de-Monts has to offer: a warm welcome, quality infrastructure and a multitude of services for a comfortable stay in the heart of the nature.


You can enjoy all the attractions and discover the natural splendors, without paying the high price in a campsite on the Island of Noirmoutier!

Choose a high quality campsite with the Tropicana

To spend an unforgettable vacation and make the most of it, all you have to do is choose the right accommodation.


If you want to spend a natural holiday without paying the high price, we recommend that you prefer Saint-Jean-de-Monts to a campsite on the Ile de Noirmoutier.


For example, book your stay with family or friends at the Tropicana.

At Tropicana, we are committed to helping you discover the beauty of Saint-Jean-de-Monts while guaranteeing you an exceptional stay.


Located just 800 meters from the beach , our fully equipped, 4-star family campsite is the ideal choice for those looking for the best of both worlds: proximity to nature and the comfort of luxury accommodation.


With our eco-designed mobile homes , our spacious pitches for tents and caravans, and our environmentally friendly facilities , we are proud to promote sustainable tourism.

Why choose Saint-Jean-de-Monts and the Tropicana?

Whether you are tempted by the island charm and tranquility of the Ile de Noirmoutier or prefer the dynamics and richness of the landscapes of Saint-Jean-de-Monts , the Vendée is a destination that never disappoints.


And if you are looking for the best compromise between discovering nature and the comfort of a 4-star campsite, Le Tropicana in Saint-Jean-de-Monts is made for you.


Bet on a stay that suits you!


I discover all the accommodation at Le Tropicana campsite

Camping Ile de Noirmoutier ou Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Le Tropicana


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