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The 7 best mountain bike trails for beginners in Vendée

For your holidays, would you like to know all the mountain bike trails for beginners in Vendée? The Tropicana has all the information for you!

The Vendée is one of the best regions to cycle in Vendée. It’s flat and a little hilly at the same time, and above all: the landscapes change over the kilometers, to the delight of adventurers.


Whether you are a beginner or a long-time enthusiast, our region offers a multitude of courses for all levels.


Are you looking for the most beautiful mountain bike trails for beginners in Vendée? You don’t know where to look for the most beautiful destinations to discover by bike?


Le Tropicana, your 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , takes you through the region between forests, coastline and marshes!

1 – The national forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts

It’s impossible not to start these top 7 mountain bike trails for beginners in Vendée with the forest of Saint-Jean-de-Monts.


The place is a true paradise for nature and mountain bike lovers. With its quiet, shaded paths, it’s the ideal place to start.


Everything is designed for mountain bike enthusiasts, who can follow the paths or cycle paths set up through the woods. The trails are marked, and concretely, apart from the sound of the birds, the rustling of the wind in the leaves and the wheels of your bike, you will only hear the tranquility of the place.


Get on your bike and let yourself be guided through the pines and holm oaks . You will be enchanted by the tranquility of the place and the beauty of the forest landscapes.

2 – The Vendéen coastal cycle path

Who says mountain bike route for beginners in Vendée, necessarily means following the coastline on the handlebars of your favorite bike!


The coastal cycle path indeed offers a unique experience where mountain biking mixes with the magic of the Atlantic Ocean.


It’s much more than just a walk , it’s a real immersion in nature . With each kilometer that passes, you enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean, with a rejuvenating atmosphere that you will not soon forget.

3 – The Salt Marshes of Noirmoutier

For an extraordinary natural getaway, head to the Noirmoutier Salt Marshes. Here, the landscape is dominated by salty expanses where the sky and the birds are reflected.


Mountain bike trails wind through this unique setting, offering beginners an unforgettable experience in the heart of the wilderness. If you are looking for a mountain bike route for beginners in Vendée that offers a total change of scenery, this is probably it!


Between fauna and flora, sea and coastline, you discover varied and colorful landscapes that you will love.

4 – The Dune circuit in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez

Want to take on a bit of a challenge? The Dune circuit in Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez is made for you.


Between sand dunes and pine forests , this course offers varied terrain that will delight thrill-seekers.


Get ready to experience stunning landscapes while testing your mountain biking skills.


If you’re a beginner but want a bit of a challenge, this is the perfect middle ground. With slight elevation changes and natural obstacles, you make your way between dunes and forests with energy and motivation.


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5 – The Bois de la Chaize in Noirmoutier

For an outing with family or friends, head to Bois de la Chaize in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île.


This route combines nature , tranquility and conviviality . The paths wind through woods and clearings, providing beginners with an ideal setting for a relaxing and refreshing bike ride.


This is a mountain bike route for beginners in Vendée suitable for all ages, perfect for discovering all the natural riches of Noirmoutier.

6 – The Island of Yeu

Pedal to discover the Île d’Yeu, a true jewel of the Vendée coast. Between steep cliffs, fine sandy beaches and picturesque villages, the island offers an ideal playground for mountain bike enthusiasts.


Explore every corner of the island at your own pace and let yourself be captivated by its wild beauty.


Enough to experience a feeling of total freedom, and not miss any of the beauties of the island!

7 – The Saint-Denis-du-Payré nature reserve

Finally, the Saint-Denis-du-Payré nature reserve is a biodiversity sanctuary where nature reigns supreme. On your mountain bikes, you can observe the local fauna and flora while enjoying courses suitable for beginners.


You will then benefit from a total immersion which will allow you to observe the fauna and flora of the region and to recharge your batteries. A real breath of fresh air in the heart of Vendée.


Get on your bike and set off on an adventure on these 7 mountain bike trails for beginners in Vendée.


Whether you are passionate about nature , discoveries or simply looking for new sensations, these itineraries will satisfy you. Ready to take the challenge ? Live the unique experience of mountain biking in Vendée at the Tropicana!


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parcours de VTT pour débutants en Vendée | Le Tropicana


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