The Tropicana 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts (Vendée / 85)

A road trip in a motorhome in the Vendée, are you interested?

Holidays are the perfect time to have fun and make great discoveries. Thinking of a great plan to have a good time with family or friends? A road trip in a motorhome in Vendée would offer you many satisfactions. Indeed, this city of France offers a multitude of activities as well to relax you as to entertain you.

Our site Le Tropicana has an excellent camping pitch in Vendée . You can do many activities there for an unforgettable experience. More details on this great expedition!

Camping in Vendée: what is the interest?

Spending your holidays in Vendée is a choice that presents many advantages . Indeed, this destination allows you to go sightseeing and enjoy various pleasures. By joining the Vendée, you have the opportunity to stay in wonderful spaces, particularly in an idyllic campsite. The campsite in Vendée above all offers an original way of life that goes beyond daily habits. This open space is friendly and ideal for enjoying life’s charms without moderation.

At this destination you can relax , relax and reconnect with its primitive instincts. Also, you eliminate the stress of daily activities to live at your own pace. You can alternate naps, walks, sports, festivals and a wide choice of activities. The 5-star campsite Le Tropicana offers more pleasures with a location campsite in Vendée idyllic.

In addition, the campsite in Vendée is well suited to all tastes. In addition, it is one of the vacation choice the most economical. For good reason, you control your expenses and you can cook your own if necessary. On the other hand, this option often represents a long term investment. Any tents, tables and equipment purchased could be used for years.

Unmissable activities

Le Tropicana campsite is a superb miniature village ideally equipped to offer maximum comfort. The latter also seduces with its festive and sporting events and its unique gastronomy. Its proximity to the sea offers a beautiful view of the beach. You will find a beautiful sun there for tanning in a festive and pleasant atmosphere. In addition, day and night, you will find a wide choice of activities for all ages. These are in particular sports, playgrounds for children or even water parks.

For your catering and refreshment, you benefit from the presence of bars, restaurants and grocery stores. In the evenings, the flagship events organized allow you to let go at best and spend your dream vacation . In addition, you can find unusual accommodation there, but ideal and secure. Above all, our space provides you with qualified staff who are attentive to your needs. Moreover, this motorhome in Vendée has a free wellness area. Finally, enjoy water sports or horseback riding.

How to organize your trip to Vendée?

To properly organize your road trip in Vendée, it is important to make good arrangements . Among other things, you will have to put all the necessary accessories in your suitcases. However, be sure to keep only the essentials. Leave excess items at the risk of being crowded during the trip. Also, in terms of accommodation, you can choose these excellent motorhomes .

Indeed, they guarantee you a good location, great ease and excellent mobility . In addition, for your holidays in Vendée, do not forget to make good arrangements to ensure you a most peaceful stay. You could for example define your road trip beforehand.

Make the most of your motorhome road trip in Vendée

To have an optimal experience, it is essential to find a good location for your campsite in Vendée. The 5-star campsite Le Tropicana is the ready-made solution. Open from April to the end of September, it is located at 800 meters from the beach and 500 meters from shops. In terms of proposed activities , they are diverse and ideal to meet all your needs.

However, Le Tropicana campsite also provides other accommodation options. These are notably tents or even caravans offering equally flawless comfort. So make your best holiday experience in Vendée!



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