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4 activities for playing sports in the pool during your vacation at the Tropicana

What options are available to you when it comes to spending a “fun” vacation? In fact, several. For example, one of these options is to choose to go and spend a few days in a campsite with aquatic park in Vendée .


Among all the Vendée camping establishments, the Tropicana is doing well thanks to several major advantages. In addition to enjoying a good reputation, it has several quality services: attentive staff, equipped mobile homes. comm e you need a water park, pitches and necessary equipment for all those who would like to play sports on vacation …


What are these sports activities that it is possible to practice in the swimming pool of the campsite “Le Tropicana”? In the next paragraphs, we invite you to discover 4 of these activities.

Aqua zumba

Thanks to this activity, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone: lose calories and have fun. Indeed, aqua zumba is one of the best options to let off steam in the water of a swimming pool.


The principle of aqua zumba is simple: with your feet in the water, perform classic zumba movements. With aqua zumba, you won’t see the time go by. For those wondering if it’s worth it, aqua zumba requires more physical effort than indoor zumba. Indeed, as the water of the swimming pool slows down the movements of the dancers, they must be deployed a little more on the physical level.


The benefits of aqua zumba are diverse:

  • thighs that become firmer with exercise;
  • more shapely buttocks (for women);
  • a gradual loss of abdominal fat (because each aqua zumba session loses at least 200 calories);
  • and improving his cardio.

The Water run

The Water Run is, quite simply, a race that takes place in the water. It represents an interesting alternative when you want playing sports on vacation . The Tropicana swimming pool offers the opportunity to discover this aquatic discipline. The main strength of the Water Run is that it can be played by anyone.


Performing the Water Run consists of walking in the pool, using a treadmill. There are several advantages arising from the practice of Water Run. First, it allows you to sculpt the legs. Then, it also helps improve your abdominal muscles. Then, the Water Run improves the resistance of the joints. And finally, it has a positive impact on respiratory health.


Currently, it is one of the most popular water sports among those who love playing sports on vacation . Moreover, more and more camping establishments are offering aquagym lessons to their residents.


Depending on the intensity of the exercises, a distinction is made between gentle aquagym and tonic aquagym. Opting for aquagym means choosing to combine a moment of relaxation and sporting practice. The success of water aerobics comes from several points. First, the movements are easy to perform.


Which makes it an activity that can be practiced by individuals of all ages (as long as they have their feet in the pool). Then, the benefits for the body are very real. Indeed, all the muscles of the body are put to work during an aquagym session. And finally, water aerobics is effective in losing calories. It has been estimated that half an hour of water aerobics burns at least 600 calories.


This is a variation of classic swimming practiced in a pool. Indeed, to practice aquapalming, you have to equip your feet with fins, to swim. This causes all the muscles in the lower body to work twice as hard as usual. And of course, the induced efforts allow you to expend energy while sculpting your legs and thighs.


Ultimately, what to remember? Simply that it is possible to practice fun sports activities in the swimming pool of the 5-star campsite “Le Tropicana”. Besides, swimming is also an option. For this, the campsite has:

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