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4 unknown benefits of the sauna

The Tropicana , your campsite with sauna in Vendée , is THE destination well-being par excellence if you want to benefit from an invigorating rest. Masters in the art of rest and relaxation, we offer you in our wellness area, sauna sessions to unsuspected virtues .

Thanks to the water vapor, the sauna has countless virtues and is renowned for its anti-stress benefits and for its help in maintaining cardiovascular health and blood pressure. You will be able to enjoy this well-being ritual with the benefits although little known within our campsite with water park which is located in the heart of a sumptuous hilly setting, dedicated to relaxation. But first, let’s discover together four famous unsuspected virtues of the sauna.

1. Invigorating steam baths

As you will have understood, the primary function of a sauna session is relaxation of body and mind . Beyond this moment of relaxation, the sauna, thanks to the extreme temperature (80 ° C) to which the body is subjected and especially to the hot-cold alternation , helps to refresh, tone and invigorate the body. Indeed, the dry heat of the sauna causes strong sweating and dilation of the pores of the skin. This perspiration allows to naturally expel the toxins accumulated by the body.

In addition, the heat provided allows you to relax and soften your muscles, but also to relieve your muscle pain and promote muscle recovery. And for good reason, the sauna stimulates the production of heat shock proteins, anti-aging hormones, antioxidant enzymes and autophagy (cell cleaning). In doing so, there is an increase in muscle mass, a delay in the aging of cells and an acceleration of the healing processes. Sauna sessions therefore help the cells in your body to function as new .

2. The well-being of the skin through the sauna

The action of the sauna on the health of the skin is extraordinary. In order to remove the heat to which it is subjected in the sauna, your body increases blood flow to the skin. As a result, the skin becomes healthier. It is able to retain moisture better and becomes less susceptible to the formation of acne, psoriasis, hives and eczema. In addition, the hot-cold alternation softens the skin, improves its elasticity and appearance. Result: you come out with healthier and more beautiful skin .

3. Metabolic balance thanks to the sauna offered to our campsite with water park

You have surely heard that the sauna allows you to lose weight. Well, that’s not totally true! In fact, sauna sessions help improve tissue sensitivity to insulin, reduce fat by changing the hormonal situation, and as you already know, increase muscle mass. Thus, the sauna decreases the occurrence of metabolic disorders and can facilitate the prevention of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

4. Maximization of the immune system with the sauna

Sauna sessions increase your body temperature due to the heat. Thus, your body is plunged into a state of artificial fever which will boost your immune system. This stimulation leads to an increased production of leukocytes and antibodies, strengthening your body and protecting it from possible microbial invasions .

However, to enjoy these extraordinary benefits and obtain at the end of your sauna sessions a healthy body and perk with a soft skin , closed and glowing , it is imperative to respect the different stages of this well-being ritual to the letter. So, after 10-15 minutes of steam bath, you need to get out of the sauna, take a cold shower or bath and rehydrate. You then repeat this alternating hot-cold plus rehydration up to three times: this is the secret of a new body.

Well, don’t hesitate to visit our campsite with water park in Vendée. Who knows ? You can even take advantage of our wellness area : heated pools ( indoor pool or exterior ), toboggan or whirlpools whose art we master well.

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