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Unusual activity in the Vendée: sand yachting for the Christmas holidays

Visiting the Vendée in a caravan means discovering new, unforgettable horizons! Discover the best itinerary with your Le Tropicana campsite.

Are you looking for an idea to end the Christmas holidays in style?

Are you looking for inspiration and thrills?

For all these questions, you don’t need to go to the end of the world: you just have to go to Vendée!


Indeed, on the beaches of Vendée in the middle of December, you can experience unprecedented speed sensations. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a very simple and yet very original activity: sand yachting!

Practicing sand yachting in Vendée is an idea that allows you to end the year in style and discover the beauties of Vendée from a different perspective.

If you are spending your Christmas holidays around Saint-Jean-de-Monts , your Tropicana campsite strongly recommends that you book an introduction to sand yachting!

Between tranquility, speed and control, discover all the advantages that sand yachting can have for your end-of-year holidays.

Sand yachting, a fun activity in Vendée

Sand yachting is an activity as old as the world, but which is not yet one of the most popular.


In summer, we prefer to practice surfing or water skiing. But what about the dead of winter? When the temperatures cool, the urge to dive into the ocean waves wanes.


So why not opt for a water sport that doesn’t involve getting wet? Sand yachting is an activity that is practiced on the beach, in complete tranquility.


Very simple, it is simply a question of taking place in a tank which is carried by wheels. Then, all you have to do is wait for the wind to pick up : the sail of your tank then swells, and takes you to new horizons on the fine sand of the beach.


All you have to do to practice sand yachting is to assemble the mast in its base. You then take the time to turn your land yacht at 90° to the wind, then grab the windward rear wheel.

All you have to do is unroll the sail at the top of the mast, then thread it into its sheath through the tack loop.


You can then install the headrest, then straighten your chariot facing the wind before engaging the oarlock.


You can now catch the wind, and adjust your sail as you sail !

The essential Vendée activity for speed enthusiasts

Sand yachting is a sport that allows you to pick up a good dose of speed, especially when the winds are strong.


It is for this reason that we recommend sand yachting in the heart of winter: the winds are generally stronger, which generates greater traction.


You can therefore easily gain speed, and control your sail without difficulty to sail on the sand, along the Vendée coast.


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A sport that requires good control of the winds

Beyond the love of speed, sand yachting necessarily involves learning to master the winds, and therefore sailing.


It is for this reason that Le Tropicana recommends that you book an introduction to sand yachting during your holidays in Vendée .


With the help of a teacher, you can then learn to manage the sail according to the winds, in order to direct you according to your needs.


A new way to explore the Vendée beaches!

Where to get information about sand yachting in the Vendée?

Would you like to book a sand yachting learning trip in the Vendée? The Tropicana can give you all the good addresses you need!


Meet at the reception of the campsite, to ask us all your questions and organize an unforgettable stay in the sublime Vendée region.


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