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Longe-côte en Vendée | Le Tropicana

The best longe-côte spots in Vendée

Would you like to go along the coast in Vendée? Your campsite Le Tropicana gives you all the information on the spots not to be missed!

Discover new sports, new sensations, exercise the body while enjoying an unmissable natural setting… What more could you ask for during a holiday in Vendée?


Among all the sports activities that you can practice, we find in particular the longe-côte in Vendée.


Through physical activity, you take on a new look at the Vendée maritime horizon. You also enjoy a sweet feeling of tranquility, while working your muscles!


If you’re wondering what to do around Saint-Jean-de-Monts , your Tropicana campsite has the answer: along the coast!


Here is a small list of the best spots you can find to practice longe-coast.

Along the coast in Vendée: the essential water sport

First of all, one point is essential: what is the longe-côte ?


This is a water sport that has been on the rise for a few years now. And for good reason: it combines all the advantages of water sports, and remains very easy to access.


The principle is simple: alone or in groups, you walk along the coast with water up to your chest . Often, practitioners are advised to have a wetsuit to avoid getting cold . And that’s the only material you need!


Then, all you have to do is choose a spot to practice the long coast . It is then enough to walk, more or less quickly, along the coast with water up to your chest.


It is a pleasant physical effort, which is doubled by the benefits that we observe from sea water. You can join a sports club to practice it in a group, or go along the coast on your own.


In any case, it is essential to choose the right spots to practice the long coast. Here is a list of the best beaches you can go to for coasting!

Saint-Jean-de-Monts beach

The first essential beach is Saint-Jean-de-Monts beach. It is a long beach of fine sand, which extends over more than 8 km.

It is known by tourists for its comfort and warmth. Indeed, you benefit from constant exposure to the sun, which allows you to warm up effectively.


Dressed entirely in sand , it is a beach which ensures a certain walking comfort, both out of the water and in the water.


Not to mention that it is easily accessible by car, and that you can park without difficulty.

The beach of Les Sables d’Olonne

In a fairly similar register, you can also go to the beach of Les Sables d’Olonne.


This large beach of fine sand gives you access to many nautical practices, and allows you to discover all the joys of the Atlantic Ocean.


You can join a sports association to go longe-coast in a group, or you can practice it alone or with your loved ones.


This large beach has the advantage of being located not far from the city: you can therefore find all the amenities you need, before or after your session along the coast.


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Tranche-sur-Mer beach

La Tranche-sur-Mer offers a beach that plays in the same register. Fine sand, large expanse, easy access…


What more could you ask for to discover the longe-côte? Only downside if you do not practice in association: it is a fairly touristy beach. You may therefore have to avoid swimmers !

The beaches of Noirmoutier

Finally, how can we talk about the most beautiful beaches in Vendée without mentioning Noirmoutier?


This preserved island is a must-see spot for longe-côte enthusiasts.


You can go there for the day or for several days, and enjoy a sublime view of the Atlantic coast.


For more information, the Tropicana is there!


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