The Tropicana 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts (Vendée / 85)
Camping écologique en Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Le Tropicana

Our commitment to ecotourism to protect the beauty of Vendée

Ecotourism is a necessity today. That's why at Tropicana, your ecological campsite in Vendée, we do everything we can!

This year, do you want to organize an eco-responsible vacation?

That’s very good news ! Especially when we know that ecotourism is a real delight for discovering the authenticity of local regions and cultures.

To do ecotourism, you must first start by choosing the right ecological campsite in Vendée.

For example, did you know that at Tropicana, a 5-star campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , we are committed daily to respecting the planet and the environment?

Indeed, we know that every year, vacations increase the ecological footprint of travelers.

So, to lighten it up a little (and ease consciences), we have chosen to create an ecological campsite in Vendée.

This way, you can enjoy the splendors of the Vendée and the comfort of eco-responsible accommodation, while keeping your ecological commitments!

Discover all of the Tropicana’s green commitments.

Eco-designed accommodation for harmony with nature

At Tropicana, we are committed to offering you an unforgettable stay while minimizing your ecological footprint.


Our eco-designed mobile homes are the perfect example. Made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials , they offer modern comforts without compromising our commitment to the planet.


Each unit is designed to blend harmoniously into the landscape, allowing total immersion in the natural splendor of the Vendée. Exactly what you need in an ecological campsite in Vendée!

Effective waste management in your ecological campsite in Vendée

Aware of the importance of waste management, we have set up an efficient sorting system accessible to all our vacationers.


Selective collection points are located throughout the campsite, encouraging everyone to actively participate in recycling.


In addition, we carry out awareness-raising actions to reduce waste production, by favoring reusable products and reducing the use of single-use plastic.

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Respect and preservation of the natural environment

The pitches of our campsite are designed to respect the environment as much as possible. Indeed, you may know that our ecological campsite in Vendée is located in the heart of lush greenery.


We strive to preserve local biodiversity by maintaining a balance between our facilities and the surrounding nature.

It’s a very effective way to preserve the environment, while helping you to fully relax during your vacation.


Green spaces are designed to encourage flora and fauna, thus creating a haven of peace for our guests and local species.

All the ecological tips for sustainable holidays

At Tropicana, we believe that ecotourism is also about awareness.


This is why we regularly share practical advice with our vacationers for environmentally friendly vacations.


From the responsible use of water to the adoption of gentle modes of transport, through the discovery of local products, we guide you so that your stay is as ecological as it is memorable.


Opting for an ecological campsite in Vendée also means benefiting from tailor-made advice to reduce your carbon footprint!

Choose an authentic experience at Tropicana, your ecological campsite in Vendée

At Tropicana, we are convinced that luxury and respect for the environment can go hand in hand.


It is in this spirit that we invite you to discover Vendée , a region rich in its biodiversity and cultural heritage.


By choosing the Tropicana for your vacation, you are opting for a luxurious and eco-responsible stay.


Our commitment to ecotourism is the heart of our philosophy, and we are delighted to share this passion with you.


We look forward to welcoming you to our campsite, where luxury rhymes with ecology.

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Camping écologique en Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Le Tropicana


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