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How to choose the right mobile home for your family holidays in Vendée?

For your family holidays in Vendée, nothing better than choosing the right accommodation! The Tropicana helps you make your choice.

For family holidays in Vendée, it is essential to choose the right accommodation. Closer to nature, more comfortable, with quality bedding…

If you want to have it all, the perfect balance is in the mobile home! This type of accommodation, which is very common in France, offers the comfort of an apartment, while allowing you to enjoy being close to nature.

Yes, but here it is: after having chosen to book a mobile home for your family holidays in Vendée, you have trouble selecting the mobile home in question.

What are the criteria to take into account to book the right mobile home? The Tropicana, your campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts , explains everything to you!

The space and capacity of the mobile home

When choosing a mobile home for your family vacation in Vendée , space and capacity are important criteria to consider.


Make sure the mobile home has enough space to accommodate all of your family members comfortably.


Take the time to check the number of rooms and beds available so that everyone can have their own space to rest. The sine qua non for spending holidays in complete serenity!

Equipment and services included

For successful family holidays in Vendée , it is essential to choose a mobile home equipped with all the elements necessary for your comfort.


Check if the mobile home has an equipped kitchen, a private bathroom , a dining area and a lounge area. Also make sure that the cookware and crockery are suitable for the number of guests!


Some mobile homes also offer additional amenities such as air conditioning, television or a private terrace.


Also remember to check the services included in your stay, such as access to the swimming pool, playgrounds or children’s entertainment.

The location of the mobile home

The location of the mobile home can also play an important role in choosing your accommodation for your family vacation in Vendée.


Some prefer to be close to children’s play areas, while others favor proximity to campsite facilities such as the swimming pool or restaurant.


You can also ask the Tropicana to give you a mobile home located in full sun to enjoy incredible naps, or on the contrary in the shade.


Also think about the distance between the mobile home and the beach, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time by the sea during your holidays in Vendée.

Activities and entertainment offered

For lively and entertaining family holidays in Vendée, it is interesting to choose a mobile home located on a campsite offering a wide range of activities and entertainment.


Find out about the activities for children , the leisure clubs , the shows and the theme evenings offered by the campsite.


This will allow everyone to find activities that correspond to their interests and desires.

Additional services for an unforgettable stay!

In addition to basic equipment, some mobile homes offer additional services that can make your stay even more pleasant.


It can be bicycle rental services, bed linen or baby equipment. These services can make your organization easier and allow you to travel lighter.

The opinions and testimonials of other holidaymakers

Finally, to make sure you make the right choice, do not hesitate to consult the opinions and testimonials of other holidaymakers who have stayed in the mobile home that interests you.


Their feedback can give you valuable information on the quality of the accommodation, the services offered and the general atmosphere of the campsite.


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Book now your ideal mobile home for your family holidays in Vendée!

Now that you know the criteria to take into account to choose the ideal mobile home for your family holidays in Vendée, all you have to do is book your accommodation at Le Tropicana campsite!


Our family campsite, fully equipped and 4 stars, promises you an unforgettable stay just 800 meters from the beach of Saint-Jean-de-Monts.


Don’t wait any longer and book now for an exceptional holiday in Vendée!

Vacances famille Vendée Saint-Jean-de-Monts | Le Tropicana

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