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5 things to see absolutely on Ile d'Yeu

L’île d’Yeu is located in the Bay of Biscay, in the Pays de la Loire region, off Saint-Jean-de-Monts. This island has existed since prehistoric times and has modernized over the centuries.

Today, Saint-Jean-de-Monts and the Ile d’Yeu are famous for tourism. What to do in Saint-Jean-de-Monts ? What are the 5 most popular sites on the Ile d’Yeu? What is the best way to visit Île d’Yeu? Find out in the next few paragraphs.


To get to Ile d’Yeu, two alternatives are possible: the air or sea option. For tourists who opt for the second choice, they will be disembarked at Port-Joinville . Indeed, the ferry terminal (which allows you to reach Île d’Yeu) is located in Port-Joinville. It was in 1846 that this port was baptized in this way. Before, it was called “Port Breton”. At that time, Port-Joinville was the place where most of the island’s economic activities were concentrated.

Today, Port-Joinville still has great importance in the life of the island. Indeed, not only is it one of the main localities, but in addition, it is one of the lungs of the economy of the municipality. Once in Port-Joinville, it is possible to visit different places:

  • Restaurants ;
  • Shops ;
  • The local tourist office;
  • Fishing harbour.

The fishing port of Port-Joinville is still active. Tourists will appreciate the products from daily fishing.

The old castle

This is the second must-see item. This monument of Ile d’Yeu represents at least three centuries of history . Moreover, it has been officially recognized as a historical monument since the beginning of the 20th century. This castle imposes by its architecture. A detail that has had its importance in the context of the various invasion attempts that have taken place in previous centuries.

The Port-de-la-Meule

Located on the southwest coast of Ile d’Yeu, the Port-de-la-Meule is a beautiful cove which lies between two majestic cliffs. This small enclave is a tourist gem. To access it by sea, tourists will have to board small boats. The Port-de-la-Meule has a drying quay made of granite. Visitors will be able to discover the fishermen’s huts. Every day, they bring back fish and lobsters. Hiking and scuba diving are also popular activities for tourists.

Pointe du But

It is located to the west of the Ile d’Yeu. Its main strong point is the extraordinary view it offers to tourists. Moreover, many are those who have already visited and who attest to beauty and on the romantic side of sunsets from Pointe du But . Tourists will also be able to see several reefs as well as ruins from WWII. The Pointe du But is crossed by strong gusts of wind. It is accessible on foot, by bike, and by car.

The Pointe de la Tranche

The Pointe de la Tranche is one of the most beautiful natural sites on the Ile d’Yeu. This rocky point is at least 18 meters long. La Pointe de la Tranche is also the dream location for all diving enthusiasts. Great discoveries await them there. This is the case, for example, with the marine cave located at Anse des Soux. As for swimming, visitors will have to go to the Fontaines cove. And finally, the old woman’s beach also attracts its world of tourists.

The island of Yeu is a place with undeniable tourist attractions. However, visiting it is not without dangers in certain places (for example: not all boats can dock at Port-de-la-Meule). For more caution, it is advisable to trust professionals. Located in Saint-Jean-de-Monts between the forest and the cycle paths, the 5-star “Tropicana” campsite offers a safe setting for tourists. In addition, thanks to its qualified staff, it is possible to discover the most beautiful places on the island of Yeu with good support.

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