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5 things to discover in Port-Joinville on the Île d'Yeu

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Each year, Île d’Yeu is one of the flagship destinations for many French tourists. And for good reason ! It is a little corner of paradise very popular with holidaymakers looking for serenity and tranquility.

And among all the views and things to see on Île d’Yeu, Port-Joinville is not to be missed.

Beyond research to find out what to see on Île d’Yeu , go on an adventure by exploring the 5 most beautiful assets of Port-Joinville!



1 – The lighthouse

Port-Joinville is the capital of the commune of Île d’Yeu. And as the name suggests, this is a Harbor , which therefore gives directly to the Bay of Biscay . And as it is the point of entry by boat to the island, it is impossible not to put a lighthouse.


In addition to being practical for signaling the presence of the island to boats, the lighthouse of Port-Joinville has the distinction of being extremely charming . Proudly erected not far from downtown , he has a charm authentic seldom matched.


2 – The port

Once you’ve finished enjoying the charming Port-Joinville lighthouse, don’t forget to take a trip to the port! This adorable little port welcomes tourist boats and of pleasure , to the delight of holidaymakers.


Directly overlooking the immensity of the Gulf, it is very pleasant to walk there in the middle of summer during sunsets . A little corner very popular with locals, but also tourists who love walk along the port and admire the pleasure boats.


3 – The boats

Indeed, the boats of the port of Port-Joinville are also part of the rustic charm and authentic of the whole of Île d’Yeu. And for good reason: small in size and completely colorful, the Port-Joinville boats are famous throughout the island.


They rock delicately in the small harbor, and still add a natural touch to the whole of this setting. heavenly .


4 – The charm of the inhabitants

The fourth beauty of Port-Joinville is found in the warm and charming welcome of its inhabitants. Respectful of Vendée customs, the local inhabitants of Port-Joinville have the gift of hospitality, whether it is among themselves or for tourists.


Very friendly and very open, they will be able to point you to a good place to have a drink on the terrace, eat a ice cream admiring the boats or savoring good Vendée dishes in a restaurant with an excellent reputation.


5 – The church of Notre-Dame-du-Port

Finally, the last asset of Port-Joinville that you should not miss is obviously the church of the capital. Just as charming as the port and the lighthouse, the church of Notre-Dame-du-Port is built with a multitude of white stones, polished by the Sun and the spray.


This small church with authentic charm is highly appreciated and just as pretty inside as it is outside. Sober and nonetheless resplendent, it is an essential point of visit to the Ile d’Yeu.


What to do in Port-Joinville?

Port-Joinville is one of the most popular capital of the Île d’Yeu. And for good reason: it is full of natural beauties and authentic charm. The church, the lighthouse, the port, the boats and the inhabitants make Port-Joinville a must-see when you spend your holidays in Vendée.


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Port-Joinville Ile d'Yeu | The Tropicana


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