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What to do in autumn in Vendée | The Tropicana

5 activities to do in autumn in Vendée

Hiking, water sports, visits and theme parks: the activities are numerous! Find out what to do in autumn in Vendée

The Vendée is a sublime region, which does not waste away during the cool or intermediate seasons.


This explains why there are so many things to do in autumn, and even in winter!


If you are wondering what to do in autumn in Vendée, this article is for you.


Between walks, hikes, a touch of idleness and the discovery of tourist areas, discover all the favorite activities in Vendée.


When to go on holiday in Vendée ? You can do it in any season.


But why not go in autumn, to fully enjoy the beauty of the colors of the trees, the falling leaves and the autumnal charm that settles quietly in an ocean landscape?


Your Tropicana campsite presents all the activities you can do in Vendée during the autumn season.

Enjoy the beach

Impossible to talk about all that you can do in Vendée without mentioning all the beauties of the beach. When you go to Vendée, it’s above all to enjoy lazing around !


And autumn is a very good opportunity to savor the beauties of the beach, without getting too hot and without being drowned in a sea of tourists .


Autumn is a season during which it is mild in the Vendée. So you can go out for a walk on the edge of the beach, enjoy the warm light at the end of the day and the caress of the sun on your face.


On the best days, you can even put on a swimsuit and take the opportunity to tan while reading a good book. The beach in Vendée has the particularity of stretching as far as the eye can see: a very appreciable view for a vacation out of time.


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Visit the cities

If you don’t want to taste the softness of the Vendée sand, why not take the opportunity to discover the local flavors ? Many small villages dot the Vendée, whether on the Côte de Lumière or inland.


You can then turn to the authentic villages , with their welcoming and warm charm. Exactly what you need to enjoy all the sweet tastes of local specialities!


Otherwise, you can also go to the big seaside resorts to take the time to stroll through the shopping streets. You will be able to enjoy the absence of tourists and the touch of authenticity that even the most commercial cities drape themselves over.


This is a great opportunity to stop at a local restaurant, while taking in stunning views of the endless expanse of the ocean .

Discover all the tourist spots in Vendée

But the Vendée is also very popular tourist areas! For example, you can take a trip back to medieval times by discovering Puy-du-Fou, this unmissable entertainment park. In any season, and with less waiting in autumn than in the heart of summer.


Otherwise, go to Brétignolle-sur-Mer to discover the Vendée Miniature , this immersive visit to a preserved and authentic Vendée village since the 20th century.


Otherwise, the salt marshes are just waiting for you to tell you their story and how they work.


Impossible to mention the Vendée without mentioning the hikes ! Along the coast or in the national forests, enjoy breathtaking landscapes, on more or less flat paths.


You can discover them on foot, on horseback or by bike ! And don’t forget the Ile d’Yeu and all its natural beauty, which is impressive in all seasons.

Discover water sports

Finally, why not try your hand at water sports ? Surfing , kitesurfing , windsurfing and water skiing await you on the incredible Vendée beaches.


Discover all the fall beauties of the Vendée at your Tropicana campsite!


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