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Campsite with entertainment in Saint-Jean-de-Monts | The Tropicana

The favorite activities of the French when camping

To have a good holiday, there's nothing like a campsite with entertainment in Saint-Jean-de-Monts. See you at the Tropicana!

Summer holidays or mid-season holidays are an important time for the French. This is the perfect opportunity to discover a new environment, with an omnipresent nature and brand new activities for the whole family!


If you are looking for a campsite with entertainment in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, you have come to the right place. But besides, what are the favorite animations of the French? Day and night, we like to be entertained, whether in a playful, sporty way or rather in the sense of idleness.


The Tropicana, your flagship campsite in Vendée, presents the favorite activities of French campers. The best of the best among all the essential services of a campsite in Saint-Jean-de-Monts !

Dance evenings

At the top of the top of the favorite animations of the French who go to the campsites , are the dance evenings. These are unforgettable moments, which amuse young and old alike. Especially when there are friendly and lively staff!


Dance parties are the perfect opportunity for everyone to have fun. Before or after dinner , the dance floor of the campsite is created, and the speakers open on lively music, among your favorites.


The top to digest, and spend a perfect moment with family or friends.

Magic evenings

Nothing like a magic evening to put stars in the eyes of young and old! The most welcoming campsites often plan activities that involve the intervention of a magician , with all his accessories.


It makes bouquets of flowers appear and rooms disappear, and impresses adults and children alike. The magic evenings are the essential stage for all holidays in Vendée! A real distraction in the heat of the Vendée, in the evening before going to bed and after enjoying a long day by the ocean.


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The Olympiads

But what would a family and welcoming campsite be if it didn’t offer the Olympics? the Olympiads are real tournaments of activities planned during the day. They are often designed for the little ones, but can perfectly accommodate adults who are looking for entertainment.


The Olympiads generally bring together many sporting, recreational, manual or intellectual activities. They allow several teams to compete, while discovering the natural beauty of the Vendée.


Whether at your Tropicana campsite, on the long beach of Saint-Jean-de-Monts or in the national pine forest, you can take the opportunity to discover all the richness offered by Vendée nature.

Sports tournaments

If you like to play sports during your holidays in Vendée, why not take part in a sports tournament? You can register for tournaments organized at the scale of your Le Tropicana campsite , and form a great team.


Beach volleyball, football and other sports are on the agenda, to please all holidaymakers. Sports tournaments are a warm moment of sharing, which unites the teams that compete. And which, in addition, are done outdoors! Exactly what you need during your holidays in Vendée.

Treasure hunts

Finally, to finish, what would a family vacation be if it didn’t offer a treasure hunt? No need to wait for Easter to take your map, your compass, and go in search of the hidden treasure!


It is one of the favorite activities of the French during their holidays, and we understand why. Treasure hunts are done in teams, and allow the troops to unite in a common goal: to find the treasure before the others.

Whether you prefer group activities or solo activities, come to Tropicana! Every week in high season, we organize a whole range of activities , for young and old.


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Campsite with entertainment in Saint-Jean-de-Monts | The Tropicana


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