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10 questions to ask yourself to find a comfortable campsite in the Vendée

Enjoy a relaxing holiday by choosing a comfort campsite in Vendée, according to the criteria of the Tropicana.

During your holidays in Vendée, you must make sure of several things. To prepare activities, to plan the places where you will eat… But especially those where you will sleep!

It is to allow you to spend pleasant holidays, with family or friends, that the Tropicana recommends that you choose a comfort campsite in Vendée.

But what exactly is a comfort campsite? And how to recognize it, among all the types of campsite in the Vendée ?

With this list of 10 concrete questions, the Tropicana helps you choose the next ideal destination for your vacation.

What is the location?

The very first thing to consider is the location of the campsite. Where is it situated ? Location is very important.


For example, if you choose a campsite lost in the middle of nature , you know that you can go hiking without taking the car. On the other hand, to do your shopping, it is essential.


On the contrary, if you choose a campsite by the sea, you can do everything on foot. But you will enjoy a less natural and relaxing setting for your vacation .


It is best to choose a campsite surrounded by trees and pines, located near the seaside. Like the Tropicana, for example!


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What services are offered?

In addition to the location, it is important to find out about the services offered to you within the framework of the campsite.

Do you have access to tailor-made services? For example, can you have equipment for children and babies ?


Are there barbecues or cooking facilities available? Are the toilets equipped?


These are questions to ask to ensure the comfort and success of your stay in Vendée.

Is there an aquatic area?

Even if your campsite is located by the sea, having a swimming pool available is always interesting. Especially when it comes to a complete aquatic area!


This aquatic area can be made up of slides and games for children, but also a relaxation area for parents.

Do you have the choice of comfort?

Then, the question concerns the quality of the comfort of the bedding and accommodation . It is best to choose a campsite that allows you to select accommodation that meets your expectations.


A bungalow or a chalet for very comfortable holidays, or a simple tent pitch if you prefer to be in direct contact with nature.

Does the campsite offer activities?

Then comes the question of activities: family evenings ? Dance parties? Entertainment during the day? These are essential questions for choosing the right campsite for your stay in Vendée.

Is the bedding designed for your comfort?

Does the campsite website mention the quality of the bedding? The mattresses in the bungalows today can be very comfortable, which allows you to spend sensational nights, in an ideal restful environment.

Are the pitches all equipped?

If you choose a tent site , it is essential to know what it offers you in terms of equipment.


Water, electricity, toilets available… It’s up to you to see what you need for your holidays.

Are the staff welcoming?

Nothing better than a campsite where you get on well with the leaders ! When you inquire about a campsite, do not hesitate to ask questions about the teams.

The teams in question are generally made up of warm and friendly professionals who will do their best to make your holiday unforgettable.

Are there facilities for children?

If you are traveling with children, child-friendly facilities are a must. From games to children ‘s or teenagers ‘ clubs, ask all the right questions to ensure the success of your stay!

What are the activities to do around?

Finally, the Tropicana advises you to find out about the activities you can do around.


Water skiing, hiking, biking, kite surfing… The more possibilities there are, the better your holiday will be!


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